Paint The Walls (and save some cash!)

I have a lot to say about paint.  First, paint the walls!  All the walls----if it doesn't feel like YOUR home, paint the walls!  It changes everything.  We moved into a home we love that didn't need any improvements at all.   BUT, It's amazing what a coat of paint can to do change a space to match your style.   

Sherwin Williams- Dover White

 Even if the paint color is just fine as it is, changing it to something you LOVE will make it feel like a haven, and that my friends, is pretty important.  

Sherwin Williams- Dover White

I have painted many rooms in my day.  Once, I convinced a landlord to let me paint by telling him I was a very clean and meticulous painter.   Which is false.   Sometimes I get giant drips on the floor or in my hair and always everywhere else head to toe.   But when the walls need paint, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Sorry I lied.  I was desperate.  Goo Gone Painters Pal is my hero.

Valspar (Lowe's)- Adobe Blush

I used to think paint was paint.   I tried paint from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Fred Meyer and Sherwin Williams.   I have started biting the bullet and buying higher quality paint every time--turns out it saves so much time AND money to get the good stuff.    I crossed Walmart and Fred Meyer off my list pretty fast. 

Behr Marquee (Home Depot)- Charcoal Blue

I tried Lowes (Valspar) top of the line paint and it was good---about $45/gallon.  I definitely needed 2 coats everywhere but it was good quality paint with a good finish.   I would use it again, but it wasn't my favorite.  

Behr Marquee (Home Depot)- Village Green

Then I decided to paint my entire kitchen and living area.  I knew is was a huge job so I wanted to have the BEST paint.  So, I went to the pros at Sherwin Williams.  I went during a SALE, so I didn't have to sell my kidney to paint my walls.   I bought a 5 gallon bucket and it was $300 (that's 30% off the regular price).   Yikes.   I was hopeful that it would be enough to do the area I was working on.   Wrong-o.   I can't stress how unimpressed I was.  I thought SW was #1?  I am sure its great it a sprayer for the pros, but I found myself needing 3 coats everywhere, 4 coats some places.    I ate up that 5 gallon bucket a quarter through my project.

Sherwin Williams- Dover White

This is where Home Depot comes in.  After spending WAY too much time applying coat after coat trying to get even coverage, I went to Home Depot to try to color match in the Behr Marquee Line that I've used many times before--about $45/gallon.   Dude.  Game Changer.   The marquee line has guaranteed one coat coverage if you choose a Marquee color--did you catch that?  Guaranteed.  Since I was color matching a Sherwin Williams color, it was not guaranteed, but I knew I could count on better coverage, 2 coats at the most.     After switching, the project flew by.   I have been tackling rooms ever since.   I think I am on gallon 17 and going strong.   

Behr Marquee (Home Depot)- Crisp Linen

The moral of the story is to PAINT THE WALLS!    I will take less time than you are thinking and you won't regret it.   If at all possible, buy Behr paint at Home Depot (They even have Sherwin Williams colors in their database to match).    This isn't sponsored in any way, I am just a DIY addict and a major believer.     I'm rooting for you--make that house your own!