Fall Color Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever found yourself with a gaggle of kids to entertain? With 4 of my own and lots of little buddies, it’s a position I find myself in pretty often. Usually I let them fend for themselves, but sometime they need an idea to get them started.

Leaf Rainbow

We were working in the yard the other night and had some cousins over. They needed a little nudge, so I told them to go collect leaves of every color they could find. Maybe they could even find all the colors of the rainbow? They scattered to go hunting and when they came back I had to put down my rake and grab my camera. No doubt, the prettiest scavenger hunt I’ve ever seen.

Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt

From the 9 year old down to the 3 year old, they all collected their favorite treasures. First, they laid out their “rainbows”.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Then they put all the leaves together to make a combined rainbow. We’re going on 45 minutes at this point. That’s my kinda kid-directed project.

Leaf Rainbow

Next, they wanted to make art out of them. Some paper and a bottle of glue was all it took. They spend lots of time making their perfect leaf rainbows, each their very own.

Fall Art Project
Fall Kids Art
Leaf Rainbow

So, if you’ve got work to do and need to get some little hands occupied, this is a great way to do it. I’ve been first grade art mom several times and this would be a great art project for that too. An outdoor art project is a guaranteed hit.

Kids Fall Art

I’m crossing my fingers that this beautiful fall weather holds on a little while longer. I hope you can find some little people and go exploring!

Fall Art Project