10 Affordable Light Fixtures from AMAZON!

I’m in love with Amazon. It’s the first place I look when I need anything from double-sided tape, to comfortable walking shoes to home decor. I am a big believer. And don’t get me started about prime. 2 days? Yes please

Affordable Amazon Lighting

Today I am going to share some of my favorite affordable Amazon light fixtures. (Post contains affiliate links) We moved into a home that was 15 years old so the lights were needing and update but I didn’t have the budget to go huge. Don’t underestimate the transformative power of lighting! Here are some of my favorites.



When we moved in, our kitchen had pretty dated fixtures, so I was looking for an inexpensive solution that would lighten things up. I found this one for under $40! They were super easy to install and adjust to the length we needed and made a huge change from the dark ones that were there previously.



Next up is the Dining Room light. I am so happy with this rustic light that gives a light airy, farmhouse feel, but is interesting and substantial. I love the edison bulbs for these types of fixtures. While they are a little pricier than standard bulbs, we have had ours for 2 years and haven’t had to replace any bulbs yet!



My Boys room was blessed with a standard (inappropriate, haha) dome light. When I updated their room, it was begging for something more modern. This modern light is funky, fun and under $80 and so good! And it comes with bulbs, even better!

Entryway Lighting


This Entryway Light was one of our first switches. I had it shipped and it arrived at our new house before we even closed on the house! Lighting makes such a huge impact, especially in the entry. This one is right around $100!



I always dreamed of a Chandelier in my room when I was little, for under $70, this light is an easy choice. It has the option to be hardwired or plugged in which makes it double awesome.



For our music room, I loved this light and airy fixture. The bulbs can be positioned to face up or down. While I couldn’t find this exact light on Amazon anymore, I found a similar one I love even more. I love the brass and I love the price. Under $80!



This light is one that I chose for our powder room. I love the galvanized look! Under $70!



I hung this next one in my laundry room, but I haven’t yet patched the holes that were left from the old florescent lights that were there before. No photo of the laundry room today, but this light is so pretty and freshens it up so much—-for under $60!


I am hoping to update some bathrooms this year, so here I’ve got my eye on some new vanity lights. Isnt this one pretty? Under $60!



I’ve got my eye on this one for my master bath. I love the wood and black pipe combo. I think it would be so pretty with a black rimmed mirror.

Well there you have it, 10 super affordable lighting options that can be at your door in 2 days! All but one are under $100! Changing out a fixture is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to change the whole feel of a room. This youtube video will show you how! Go get em!

Decorating Hack-- Outdoor Rugs

I have a thing for rugs. 90% of the time, I think a rug and a pair of curtains is a game changer for any room—tying the components together and making it look finished. While I have a love for good quality rugs, filling a whole home with them isn’t easy on a budget.

White Piano

When we moved into our home, I wanted rugs for several spaces, but I knew it would be a long time coming. Until one day, I took a stroll in the Target outdoor section. I filled my cart with 4 rugs 8 x 10 rugs for the price of one indoor rug. I know they won’t last forever, but I am so happy with the neutral colors and the washability. I’m a believer.

White Piano

We turned our formal dining room into a music room. It doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but we wanted to break up all the wood floors, so an outdoor one was the perfect choice. This one ha neutral colors and a mild pattern to coordinate with other rugs in sight, which is important too.

Dining Room Rug

I have never had a rug under my dining room table because ewww. But, my kids have gotten older so the bananas are fewer. This outdoor rug cleans up super easy. It’s going on 1.5 years with no stains so far. That’s money well spent.

Kids Art Area

My kids art room definitely called for a rug to protect the carpet underneath without breaking the bank. I am expecting this one to get a little beat up, but for the price, I’m good with it. This rug still reads as a neutral and works just like I hoped.

Kids Art Room

Last but not least, never underestimate the power of an outdoor rug for your outdoor space. You can easily sweep or hose them off and they tie a space together to create a nice outdoor living room. Recognize this one? I bought 2 this one, one for my art room and one for this outdoor space. I love the blue!

Back Patio

They also work great for a front entry and a mudroom. Since they are thinner than a more expensive rug, the corners might have a tendency to curl. At Home Depot, you can buy peel and stick tiles. I like to buy one “tile” for each rug, use a utility knife to cut it into 4 pieces and stick a piece to the bottom of the rug in every corner. It will make sure it stays smooth and flat. Or if it will be on a hard surface with no furniture to anchor it down, you may want to get some rug grips tape. Works like a charm!

Target, Amazon, RugsUSA and Overstock are great places to buy outdoor rugs. The ones pictured are all from Target. Happy Rug Hunting!

5 Steps to Beautifully Stenciled Tiles

When we bought our home, I didn't love the basement.    It was a great room for kids to hang out, so it didn't need to feel like home, right?   Wrong.   Fast forward a year and a few baby steps and this room has become one of my favorites.   I love what a little paint and a little DIY can do. 

Just a few steps transformed this tile completely.   Gather your supplies and make a room you love

Here is a list of products you will need to get started (I have used affiliate links for the products I used):

TSP Cleaner


Masking Tape

Sanding Block

Roller and Foam Brush

Paint (I used leftovers.  Matte paint would be best-  I always love Behr from Home Depot)

Tile Stencil

Spray Adhesive

Small detail brush for touch ups


The first step is to clean your tile really well, using a heavy duty TSP cleaner (or similar).   Then using a sanding block, sand it to rough up the top, wipe it down once more with water and tape your edges.


Using a good primer is super important.   You will need 2-3 coats just to be sure it all stays put.   I waited about an hour between coats and made sure the coverage was super even.  I used this Zinsser 1-2-3 from Home Depot because I prefer working with water based.   For priming, I use inexpensive brushes and plan to throw them away after use.


I used some left over paint that I had from another project that was a satin finish, but everything I read says to use something matte.  Mine worked just fine, but if you are buying all new supplies, I would chose a flat, eggshell or even chalk paint.    I always swear by Behr Paint from Home Depot.  Amazing coverage, I wont ever use anything else!  I did 2 coats of the base color and let it dry overnight.

Base Paint: Behr Marquee - Crisp Linen - Satin

Base Paint: Behr Marquee - Crisp Linen - Satin


This is the big step and it was a little bit of a doozy.   When I started, I wasn't prepared with the right supplies.   First, choose a tile stencil.   I chose this one from Amazon and I was very happy with it.  Just be sure to order the correct size for your project.  My tiles are 12 inches, so I purchased the large size.

Again, I used leftover paint from another project (semi-gloss this time), but I think matte paint would have had less bleed.   I got started as soon as my stencil arrived, but I should have been prepared with the other neccesary supplies first.   They made a huge difference.

Stencil Paint Color: Behr Marquee - Unpredictable Hue - Semi Gloss

Stencil Paint Color: Behr Marquee - Unpredictable Hue - Semi Gloss

The thing the made the biggest difference is spray adhesive.  No matter how much tape I used, I could't get the lines as crisp as I hoped until I used adhesive. I gave it a good spray on the back every time before I set it down.  Game changer.

You can buy special stencil brushes and rollers too, but I think any small roller would work.  I preferred a small foam brush for the edges.  The trick is to barely use any paint.   You need to use a paper plate or something to off load the paint before applying in order to avoid the bleed around the edges.  You can go over the stencil several times to get the coverage you want, but the less paint on the brush, the better.

When I finished everything, I went around the edges with a small paintbrush to clean up with inevitable mistakes.   It wasa a little bit tedious but made the biggest difference. 

STEP 5: Top Coat

I knew I needed a UV resistant, non-yellowing topcoat that would protect and seal the paint.   Again, I went to my paint supplies and found what I needed.  I ended up using this Rustoleum Gloss in Clear.   I used 2 coats and I love the sheen it gave to the project and I think it's just the protection I was hoping for.   

It was a lot of work.  I like quick projects and this was more detail work than I imagined, but i am super happy with how it turned out.  If you have tile that could use a face lift, I say go for it!  

Wall Paint: Behr Marquee - Black Evergreen- Satin  Stencil Base Coat: Behr Marquee - Crisp Linen - Satin  Stencil Paint: Behr Marquee- Unpredictable Hue- Semi Gloss

Wall Paint: Behr Marquee - Black Evergreen- Satin

Stencil Base Coat: Behr Marquee - Crisp Linen - Satin

Stencil Paint: Behr Marquee- Unpredictable Hue- Semi Gloss

Kids Art Area {Tips & Tricks}

Have you ever watched a child make something, all from their own imagination?  Something that never existed until their hands created it?   Have you seen the confidence on their face as they find a way to make it work, make it beautiful, make it their own?   To me, nothing in the whole world compares.   I believe that kids NEED to have a chance to be creative like they need to breath.  Sounds dramatic, huh?  I can't help it.

Creative Kids Space

 I'm a big fan of kids creating, but it's the messiest.  I am way too OCD for that nonsense.   We've all been there---project spread out on the kitchen table for days, paper scraps everywhere.  Or, the legos in the rug that surprise you in the dark.  No thanks.     In our last couple of houses, we've had an office or formal dining room that we turned into an Art Room for the kids.  In this house, we decided to have the kids share bedrooms so we could convert a bedroom into a creative space.   Hands down the most used room in our house.  

Art Room.jpg

 If you can spare the space, I highly recommend it.  You don't need a whole room, even a corner where they have permission to go wild will be a game changer.  Here are some components we used that have worked awesome for us.  And I plan to paint the walls, eventually (Beige isn't #1).

ART TABLE:  An inexpensive, thrifted table and chairs (and some spray paint) are key for getting creative.   Messes permitted.  

ART DISPLAY: We used a thin piece of wood and some clamps to create an over-sized art display to show off their masterpieces.

LEGO STORAGE: We found 2 matching nightstands at the thrift store too.  A little paint and new hardware and we had lego storage for under $30.

LEGO TABLE: We put a couple of 10 foot 2 x 12's together to span the top of the nightstands for a tabletop.  We routed the edges and sanded it smooth, but kept it unfinished so we could sand out any "art" that gets left behind. The top is heavy enough, we didn't secure it to the nightstands, so it would be easy to move. 

GIANT CHALKBOARD: We used a 4 x 8 sheet of masonite from Home depot, framed it with pine and painted it with chalkboard paint.   I love having something huge on a wall and this is a favorite.

 DRESS UP CLOSET: I've collected costumes for years and this closet gets a lot of action.    Hats, Wigs, Shoes, Accessories, Costumes for all sizes (even adults).    I love to check out thrift stores for funny things and kids consigment shops at Halloween time to freshen up the old dress up closet.  

OUTDOOR RUG:  The table can get destroyed, but I'm not a fan of painted carpet, so we chose an outdoor rug.  Way less expensive (and way more washable) than an indoor rug and I won't even get mad if there is a playdoh mishap.

SUPPLIES:  Some of our favorites are these watercolors (super vibrant and last forever), playdoh, googly eyes, stencils, all kinds of paper, pipe cleaners, beads, ribbon and string, colored pencils and crayons, etc.  

THRIFTED SUPPLIES:  There is a craft supply area of the thrift store and I always find things there for dirt cheap.   I got a huge bag of these stamps for $3 and they get used all the time.   I've also found patterned scissors, giant bags of sea shells and big bags of beads.  It's worth a look.

So, tuck those OCD tendencies in your pocket and let those kiddos at it.   I promise they will come alive and there's nothing quite like it in the world.  Happy Creating!



OUTDOOR RUG (similar)